Severne Margaret River Wavesailing Classic 2022


Fri 11 Mar 2022 10:30AM — Mon 14 Mar 2022 6:30PM

Event information

Registrations for this event are not currently available.


Severne has come onboard as a title sponsor of the Severne Margaret River Wavesailing Classic 2022. As they say “fully sic.”

We also have some other great news to announce:

We have a sweet event T-shirt included with entry to the event.

And there was one other thing, hmmmm what was it… oh yeah $5K prize pool.

So make sure you book this 3 star IWT event into your calendar. Registrations are open now.

In the meantime, be sure to show our sponsors some love:

@severnewindsurfing only the bestest most radicalest windsurfing brand ever to exist. Only the best for the Margs event.

@stuartslocombe I know his Instagram looks like a pine tree appreciation page be he is actually pretty good at laying bricks. What ever kind of bricks you like, he can lay them.

@south_southwest for some ocean / windsurfing frothage, be sure to get on over and support South x South West who have supported us for many years now. Shaka Brah

@iwt_wave_tour the best wavesailing tour on the planet earth, perhaps even our solar system, possibly the galaxy but I’m not certain of the last one.

@windsurfwa your local Western Australian windsurfing association. Also BTW the best. the Netflix of action sports streaming… only way better.

Event Schedule:

Friday 11th March to Monday 14th March (The event will be held over two consecutive days during the event window)


The Fleets will be as listed below. 

ALL WINDSURFERS WELCOME. Entrants will need to be full WWA members or purchase Single Event Membership in order to compete. Note this is essential to provide the adequate insurance for the event and also provides you with personal injury cover and 3rd party liability cover during the event.

Open:  Open to anyone. $2,500 prize pool.

Women: Women only. $2,500 prize pool (Women are welcome to enter any other divisions they are eligable for).

Youth: Under 19

Weekend Warrior: Weekend only

Masters: Age 45 and older

Competition Format

We will aim to run a 'dingo' format (the WA version of the dingle) where the loosers from the first round compete in round 2 and the winners of round 1 advance straight to round 3. This gives everyone at least 2 heats.

In the event of limited wind and/or waves we may run expression session formats.


The usual safety measures will be in place for this event as per previous years including two professional jet skis and sleds but the Department of Transport has not granted us exemption from wearing life jackets over 400m from the shore this year. If you sail beyond 400m of the shore the law requires you to wear a Type 2/Level 50 life jacket.


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