2025 Wave Rally World Championships


Fri 10 Jan 2025 9:00AM — Sun 12 Jan 2025 6:00PM

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Registrations for this event are not yet open. Entries open at Mon 16 Sep 2024 9:00AM.

This is it! The 2025 Wave Rally World Championships in Geraldton!

Thank you for your entry...it's going to be MEGA! 


ALL WINDSURFERS 13 YEARS OF AGE & OVER WELCOME. Entrants will need to be full WWA members or purchase Single Event Membership in order to compete. This is essential to provide the adequate insurance for the event & also provides you with personal injury cover & 3rd party liability cover during the event.


There will be 6 categories of competitor however all sailors will be mixed in the heats. The divisions are Legends, Opens & Groms

Men & Women Legends: 50 years of age & over
Men & Women Open: 20 years of age & over
Boys & Girls Groms: 13-19 years of age  

The Mens & Women's Open bracket will be the most presitigous category & event winners will be crowned WAVE RALLY WORLD CHAMPIONS! Any sailor regardless of age or gender is eligible for winning the Open category since all sailors will be competing together.


1 x Entry 3-Day Wave Rally Event
1 x Event Goodies Bag
1 x Use of lightwind board if wind <17kts


Friday 10th January, 2025 
09:00: Registration 
10:30: Welcome & Skippers Meeting
11:00: First Possible Start
18:30: Last Heat
19:00: Party at 'Playas Lounge' (Event Site)

Saturday 11th January, 2025  
10:30: Skippers Meeting
11:00: First Possible Start
18:30: Last Heat
19:00: Party at 'Playas Lounge' (Event Site)  

Sunday 12th January, 2025  
10:30: Skippers Meeting
11:00: First Possible Start
18:30: Last Heat
19:00: Presentation/dinner/prize giving at Jaffle Shack Geraldton


There will be 1 elimination round per day running the 'dingo' format (the WA version of the dingle) where the losers (bottom 50%) from round 1 compete in round 2 and the winners (top 50%) of round 1 advance straight to round 3. This gives everyone at least 2 heats per elimination. Heats will have 8-12 sailors in them depending on entry numbers in the event.

In the event of light winds (5-17 knots), we will be providing 12 x inflatable high performance windsurf boards for all competitors to connect their sail to. The light wind format will be a 'ONE DESIGN' race & all competitors will use this board for equality. If wind increases above 17 knots during the day then sailors can resume using their own gear.


The Wave Rally concept is unique as the event is a 'Wave Slalom' style format however with certain rules on gear that will be allowed. The organiser aims to make the racing as fun & equal as possible so in the spirit of this event please respect Wave Rally's mission!
The rules are simple;

  • Must be a multi-fin wave board, either thruster or quad (no single fins allowed)
  • Maximum 5 battens on sails 


There will be a jet ski monitoring the course for your safety. A life jacket is not required for this event. The Department of Transport has not granted us exemption from wearing life jackets over 400m from the shore. If you sail beyond 400m of the shore the law requires you to wear a Type 2/Level 50 life jacket.


Depending on the number of entrants there will be food & drink options available for purchase at the event. If you have a special diet then please take your own food in case your requirements are not offered at the event.


The IWT has given this event a 3-Star rating for it's Oceania leg of its proposed 2025 WORLD RACE TOUR. The highest rated event in the region. 


Massive thanks to our sponsors for making the Wave Rally World Championships a reality. This event wouldn't be finanacially viable without them so make sure you give them your support.

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1. OES Australia - https://oesaustralia.com
2. 65Thirty Events and Entertainment - https://65thirty.com.au
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1. 2ND WIND SAILBOARDS - https://www.2ndwind.com.au/
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Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/833300525283273 
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/waverally.org
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waverally
Website: https://www.waverally.org





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